Click on the link below to go to the Workshop page.

Here you can select you preferred sessions.

Please note, there is a cart system, however you will not be charged or asked for any card details.

Below is a video to guide you through the process.

Alternatively there are some written instructions with images below the video.

Video guide

Image and text guide

1. Click ‘Register’

2. Fill in the form

3. Click ‘Register’

4. All the sessions will show in this page

5. Click on the session you want to book

6. All slots will show here

7. Choose the time slot you want to book, then Click ‘Add to cart’

8. The session will be added to your cart

9. Click on the logo to go back to the list

10. Now choose the other sessions you would like to book and repeat

11. Once you have added the three (or less) sessions you want to book, click the cart icon

12. The sessions you have chosen will show here

13. Click on ‘Continue to checkout’

14. Here you need to create an ‘Attendee

15. Fill you name

16. Select your created attendee name for the other sessions

17. Click on ‘Next’

18. Click on ‘Complete booking’

19. A conformation will be sent to your email